What is IFSC code and why people are searching it in INDIA?

What is IFSC code and why people are searching it in INDIA?

IFSC code

Full-Form and meaning of IFSC are INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM CODE. It is the same thing as the SWIFT code used for international transactions. A unique IFSC code is allotted to each and every bank branch in INDIA who can do online transactions.

So, let me explain the meanings of code and how messy is the search, and what are concerns related to personal life after searching code from large websites. what is the solution also?


IFSC code is a unique code of 11 digit alphanumeric characters. In this code first 4 characters of IFSC code stand for the name of the bank, the fifth character is always 0 (zero) which is reserve for future use and the last 6 numbers stand for the branch code of the particular bank where the transaction is to be done.

This unique code is used at the time of the online transactions for all the facilities like NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer), RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), and also for IMPS (Immediate Payment System). IFSC code is used to remove the chances of errors while doing any online transactions by the bank as well as by individual persons.

In India, the search data for IFSC code is too high many websites contain many tools to search that large data.

Yes, data is too much large. there are about more than 1,54000 branches and the data is very much difficult to manage to provide accuracy to all who search for their required code.

sometimes it becomes too messy on large websites they contain too much data like articles, advertisements, registrations, news, calculator tools, and many more things on these sites.

moreover, they ask you to register your mails and phone number, and then you became a target of these sites. Every day hundreds of emails and phone calls for loans and insurance offers makes your life more worried.

I myself faced this many times and sometimes got irritated, on-call executive. They call you while you are eating, driving, at the gym on an urgent call from the office also when you are doing some important works.

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So, what is the solution?

One day we decided to make a simple and easy tool that will never ask for registration and never take data of a person who searches for it. The need for the tool is always there,

We take all data of all branches under IFSC code from the OFFICIAL web site of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) and made a tool for easy search of IFSC code in INDIA without disturbing the life of users of the website.


What is IFSC code and why people are searching it in INDIA?
What is IFSC code and why people are searching it in INDIA?

Dear friends, please have a visit to this site and check how simple and efficient is it. Also, do Bookmark this in your mobile phone browsers and desktop browsers. IFSC code is the need that everyone had to search once a week. Share this website link and articles with others also to make life free from unwanted irritating calls.

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