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How to become an LIC agent is the most emerging query of all common people. In this article I will explain the step by step process of becoming an agent and will try to unfold the mystery.

LIC of India is the oldest and largest company of the insurance industry. LIC is the only company owned by Govt. of India it also enjoyed monopoly in the sector until IRDA came into existence in April 2000 and allowed private companies to do business in India.

In the competitive market still the LIC has the largest market share and also pays good Commission and bonus to their agents. An LIC agent can sell all the plans of LIC including Endowment, Term , Health, Single premium, Annuity/Pension, and ULIP Plans. 

Process for how to become an LIC agent

  • First of all to become an LIC agent you have to contact the Development Officer of your area deputed by LIC or you can visit the nearest branch of LIC.
  • Development Officers can explain to you about the benefits of lic agency ,merits, demerits and commission structure of an agent. 
  • Then the application form is filled and the candidate is enrolled for the necessary training of 25 hours as ordered by IRDA, here you have a choice : you can select ONLINE or OFFLINE mode of training. 
  • After completion of Training candidate in allotted Unique Registration Number (URN no.) and this number is used to apply for online Exam conducted by IRDA.
  • IRDA exam will be of maximum 50 marks and candidates have to score minimum 17 marks to pass this exam.
  • After passing the exam agent code and Licence to do Life Insurance is allotted to the agent and then he can sell the policies of LIC.


After reading the above process there will be lots of questions about the study of the exam, why the exam is compulsory, What if a candidate is unable to appear or pass the exam, how much it will cost and what are the qualifications ?

Let me explain each and every question and clear all doubts one by one



Exam conducted by IRDA is also called IC38 exam. IC38 is Insurance Course 38. Development officer whom you are going to work with, will make you available the material and books related to the exam. Most of Officers have their own notes. Our Site is also making sure shot notes of the IC38 exam will be uploaded soon in the download section of this site.

Pre exam Training given to candidates contains topics of IC38 details of plans and policies and methods to sell need base products. Candidate will be prepared like a professional marketing person



Exam is required to check the knowledge and training of the candidate whether he/she is able to sell the policies to customers according to the need of the customer. IRDA wants to ensure who is working as an agent in the market should have good knowledge of the products and policies.

IRDA also ensures good code of conduct for agents with this training.



If The candidate is unable to pass the online exam in his first attempt then there is no restriction about the number of chances to again appear in the exam. Only loss is that candidates have to pay the fee for the exam each time. Then it is good to study for exam otherwise there is wastage of money.

If a person is not capable of passing the exam then LIC can Appoint person as a POINT OF SALES PERSON (POSP). But, POSP can  ot sell all the plans of LIC. He has a limited number of plans , can earn only commissions and will never earn the other benefits of an agent like club memberships, group insurance, festival advances etc. 


[All the BENEFITS OF LIC AGENT are explained in our presentation available in the Download section of our website. Presentation is professionally made for Development officers of LIC and other professionals who can use it on their laptops and tablets for presentation to prospect agents. This presentation is an Amazing tool for those who are pitching agencies to prospects.]


Eligibility and cost

First I will talk about eligibility and documents and then I will explain the fee structure of the whole process.



  • Person should be 10th pass
  • Person should be minimum 18 years old
  • Person should have a PAN card
  • Person should have a valid ID proof


In documents a candidate has to submit copies of Aadhar card, PAN card, Qualification certificates,bank passbook, passport type photographs to development officer at the time of registration for the pre exam training.


  • Training and registration fee is Rs 150 paid at LIC branch
  • IRDA examination fee for IC38 is Rs 500 paid online before booking of examination seat
  • Totally a Candidate has to pay Rs 650 to become an lic agent.


FEE FOR POSP(point of sale person)

  • Training and registration fee is Rs 150 paid at LIC branch
  • Cost of Agreement attested by competent authority


Anybody interested in becoming an LIC agent can contact Us by clicking on the link. Or by filling the contact form of our website available in the contact us section. We will send candidates the contact details of their nearby LIC Branch and will help until the candidate gets registered for training.


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Hope above article “How to become an lic agent” has cleared the confused minds of people who are interested to work as a professional LIC agent but hesitate to query about the process and worry about the cost of getting the licence of LIC. We will try to clear more topics in our next article.

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